Pedigree WOOBIE JOY Zlata


Pure persian.

Date of birth: 04/04/2019.

Color: Red tabby-white.

La*Murr Sharik, Red tabby-white, PersianCatillak`s  Sperry, Blue tabby-white, PersianGC Catillak`s Sketchers, Brown tabby-white, PersianGC, NW Catillak`s Repete Performance, KOY, Red tabby-white, Persian
GC, RW Catillak`s That Girl of Jubileum DM, Dilute calico, Persian
CH, RW Jubileum`s Don`t Ease MeIn, Silver tabby-white. PersianGC Kewlkatz Silver Legacy of Jubileum, Blue-silver tabby-white van, Persian
GC, NW Jubileum`s GoodNight Irene DM, Blue patched tabby-white van, Persian
CH, WCF CH  True Star`s For Your Eyes Only, Calico, PersianCH, IC Divination Caruso of True Star, JW, Black, PersianCandirand`s Charlie Brown of D`Eden Lover, Brown mackerel tabby-white, Persian
D`Eden Lover Star Shine of Divination, Black-white, Persian
CH, IC Revillion Angel Eves of True Star, O.E., White, PersianGC, RW   Parti Wai Sweet Dreams of Revillion, Black-white, Persian
Revillion Cinderella, C.E., White, Persian
Sabaho Apocalyptica, Calico, PersianLa*Murr’s Black Angel of Sabaho, Black, PersianCat`s Studio Mr. Prade of  La*Murr, Red-white, PersianHaendel`s Baloo of Cat’s Studio, Black, Persian
GC Cat`s Studio Minerva,  C.E., White, Persian
CH True Star’s Naomi of La*Murr, Black, PersianCH, IC Divination Caruso of True Star, JW, Black, Persian
D`Eden Lover Alice of True Star, Broun tabby,  Persian
Enigma*Ru Contata, Broun patched marckerel tabby-white, PersianIC La*Murr Tyson of Enigma*Ru, Black-white, PersianCH, GIC PL*Bagira Just One Look of La*Murr, Black-white van, Persian
CH True Star’s Naomi of La*Murr, Black, Persian
AmberdreamsFlowerbomb of Enigma*Ru, Broun patched tabby-white, PersianCH  MacGlen`s Castletown of Amberdreams, Red tabby-white, Persian
True Star`s Just One Wish, Broun patched tabby-white, Persian